At the end of your day, do you feel like you could have gotten more done…completed more tasks or worked more? This can make you feel incomplete or that you’ve wasted your day. This is simply unacceptable.

You should be feeling satisfied and have a feeling of fulfillment or completeness at the end of your day. This can be the norm by utilizing a few great productivity hacks.

Many of us are productive enough so we don’t bother to look into ways to improve productivity although some of the things we do aren’t 100% optimal at all times.

You can use these 10 productivity tips to heighten your ability to get more done throughout the day.

Give yourself strict deadlines and focus on one task at a time.

This is sometimes known at the Pomodoro System or Pomodoro Technique. This consists of basically breaking down your tasks into 25 minute intervals and taking short breaks in between tasks.

In this way, you concentrate on one task and forget multitasking. You are focused and completely in the zone.

You also have a sense of urgency when you’re on the clock and forget trying to fine-tune your work. Stress levels are also reduced because you focus on one task at a time instead of trying to get everything done at once.

Use mobile apps for a variety of productivity hacks.

There are a variety of apps on the market that can increase your productivity, whether for handling your emails, notes, financials, reading, etc.

There are a rapid number of apps on the market to choose from, many of which are free. For example, there are apps for grocery shopping, writing, notes, banking, etc.

You should really take advantage of technology to increase productivity when you’re in the office or anywhere else needed. Here are a few free apps to explore that can increase your productivity:

  • Todoist for a great todo-list manager
  • Keeper, a password manager
  • Speek for conference calling
  • Shoeboxed, for expense tracking
  • And my favorite, Evernote. Which is essentially my second brain. I take ALL of my notes on here, whether it’s a thought I’ve been pondering or notes for a book I’ve been reading.

Use a “two-minute” rule that says if you can complete a task in two minutes, do it now.

There are so many tasks that pop-up during your day and they begin to stack up inevitably.

Don’t waste time thinking about whether or not you should take care of certain tasks. Simply ask yourself if you can complete the tasks in two minutes each and if so, do it.

If the task is going to take longer than two minutes, add it to your to-do list but make sure to prioritize once again.

Write down a few of the most important tasks of the day each morning.

Eliminate ambiguity in your workday.

This can be a productivity killer and lead you astray. It’s become increasingly important in an age of distraction to prioritize the most important tasks. Take some time in the morning to decide which tasks are most important to your overall vision and address those first.

This practice will help you overcome procrastination and take things off your mind, while taking action on a more consistent basis.

Set specific times to check your emails.

It’s easy to get caught up checking your emails dozens of times a day, especially if you have multiple email addresses.

Turn off your email notifications because if you log-in to your email, you’ll end up not only responding to one email, but many emails and then you’ll begin organizing them. Instead, choose only a few times a day.

I recommend checking your email once in the morning, again before lunch, and another toward the end of your workday.

Block certain websites on the internet that distract you.

There are so many websites on the internet that are interesting, but very distracting.

These sites can ruin your productivity. Block those sites to increase your productivity level. 

Practice saying “no.”

For so many people it is hard to say “no” to requests from certain people that push them around.

If you don’t practice saying “no” once in awhile, it’ll kill your productivity.

You can simply let people know that “you’re too busy now and that you’ll let them know if you can get to it later,” for example.

Listen to music.

You can increase your focus, concentration, and productivity level by listening to certain types of music. It does take some experimentation to figure out what music works the best for you since people react differently to different types of music.

There are apps out there that are scientifically proven to provide music to increase productivity. One such example is

Use a password manager.

Many of us get caught up throughout the day with trying to remember our passwords for the various sites we peruse.

Download a password manager program like LastPass which will remember but encrypt your password to keep it safe. This way you can simply log-in without entering your password each time.

Do yoga and meditate each morning.

Meditation is all about concentrating or focusing on one thing and blocking out all distractions.

Studies have shown that both meditation and yoga can decrease stress, enhance creativity, increase focus, and better your memory.

You can start by meditating or doing yoga for a few minutes each morning to fit your routine until you feel more comfortable practicing longer if necessary.

Get natural light in your room and get in the sunlight.

Open your blinds first thing in the morning to get started on the right foot.

It can help your mood and perception throughout the day and become more productive while performing everyday tasks. Sunshine has been shown to facilitate better sleep and an overall better quality of light.

If you live in an area with limited sunlight, remember to take a vitamin-D supplement. Studies show that only about 10 minutes of direct sunlight is what you need for your daily dose.

Read your favorite blog, inspirational passage, or a book you love.

A great way to kick-off your day in the best way for maximum productivity is to read or write along the lines of what you’re most interested or passionate about.

You should read about what you’re the most curious about and can possibly give you talking points with other throughout the day. Inspirational passages can give us the strength we need each and every morning to get throughout the day or encourage us to push forward when things get tough.

But don’t get caught up reading or writing all day. Spend 15-20 minutes and move on to the next task.

A few other ways to increase your overall productivity.

Don’t forget to put your laptop away for a few hours a day as well if possible.

Take time to rest your body and mind.

Track your time and tasks with an app.

Intentionally plan your day in the morning.

Wake up a bit earlier to get the most out of your morning between 6-9am.

Change your environment a bit.

There are many ways to increase productivity. You need to mold your productivity enhancing activities depending on what works with your body, mind, and schedule.

Utilize the above practices on a regular basis and you’ll see your productivity skyrocket.

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