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    Unlock Your Mind's Full Potential.

    Three supplements designed to improve your focus, memory, and drive.

    Unlock Your Mind's Full Potential.

    Three supplements designed to improve your focus, memory, and drive.

    Unlock Your Mind's Full Potential.

    Three supplements designed to improve your focus, memory, and drive.

    OUR MISSION: TO empower peak human potential.

    Since the mind is life's operating system, we start there—by providing the tools you can use to comprehensively upgrade your brain. These tools come in the form of cognitive enhancement supplements, otherwise known as nootropics.


    Unlock your mind's full potential

    Nootropics can be the catalyst to achieving greater productivity and happiness in your daily life. metaBRAIN® is comprehensively formulated with 31 nootropic ingredients that improve performance in areas such as memory, attention-span, and motivation. 

    Each of the metaBRAIN® supplements begin to work upon first dose. However, many of the effects compound over time. Think of it like software for your brain.


    Are you a high-achiever looking for an edge in your daily life? You're in the right place. We created metaBRAIN to help you get ahead of your competition, excel in your field, or simply become better in any aspect of life. 

    metaBRAIN makes it easy for you to get optimized with three extensively-researched supplements that amplify your daily productivity and performance levels.† Perfect for the busy professional with no time to research which nootropics to take.

    The Edge To Help you Conquer Each Day

    METABRAIN® IS Designed to Optimize:†

    31 powerhouse Ingredients. 3 Nootropic Supplements.



    A Comprehensive Upgrade For YouR brain.

    a Comprehensive Upgrade For YouR Brain

    metaBRAIN® contains three nootropic supplements each with their own unique ingredient formulations, known as nootropic stacks. Each stack is centered around a fundamental cognitive pillar: focus, memory, and drive.


    There's a ton of nootropic supplements out there. But most of them have minimally dosed ingredients, toxic fillers, cookie-cutter formulations, and/or no research to back them. Here's the metaBRAIN® difference: 

    Complete Formulation Transparency

    The market is swamped with supplements that have toxic fillers (from lack of third-party testing) and "proprietary blends" that don't disclose ingredient amounts—common with formulations that have under-dosed ingredients. We're committed to 100% transparency as like us, you probably want to know exactly what you are putting in your body.

    All of our supplements feature complete formulation disclosure, which includes ingredient amounts, sourcing information, and third-party testing results. Rest assured you're getting only the highest quality nootropic ingredients when taking metaBRAIN®.

    Customizable Based On Cognitive Requirements

    metaBRAIN® is customizable and each formula is effective on their own, with clinically-backed ingredients and proven synergies. Whether you need to optimize your focus, memory, drive, clarity or all of the above, metaBRAIN® contains nootropics that do it all. 

    You will also receive a tailored supplementation protocol based on your body-weight and cognitive requirements in the 16-page booklet, "Upgrade Your Brain, Upgrade Your Life", which is included in the metaBRAIN® box.

    Clinically recommended Dosages 

    Nootropics often have "proprietary blends" with ingredient dosages far below clinically recommended amounts. These blends are often packed into 1-3 capsules which simply do not have enough space to contain all the ingredients in their recommended amounts. 

    That's why we designed metaBRAIN® with three stacks, so that all ingredients are in their clinically recommended amounts for full efficacy. In addition, we ensure all bases of mental optimization are covered with a total of 31 powerhouse nootropic ingredients.

    Fully Backed by Clinical Research 

    The collective metaBRAIN® formulation was created through extensive research and development by our team of biohackers, along with the help of doctors and naturopaths. All of the claims for metaBRAIN® and its three supplements are backed by published research which can be found in the "references" section on the bottom of each product page.

    We will also be working with Cambridge Brain Sciences to conduct an observational study measuring the cognitive improvement of volunteers over a 6-week period. More details will be announced soon!

    60-Day guarantee with no returns needed

    We're confident in the efficacy of metaBRAIN and its three stacks, so we have a 60 day money-back guarantee policy with no returns needed. All we ask is that you give it at least 2 weeks of consistent use for the stack(s) to experience the full effects. To learn more go to our return policy page.

     metaBRAIN® was created to help you focus longer, think clearer, and accomplish more.†

    Experience the next-generation of mental optimization.

    Dr. Helen Okoye M.D.



    The nootropics supplements industry is on the rise. With companies selling brain-enhancement pills sprouting up from all over the country, it’s hard to distinguish which are actually safe and effective. In all my years working as a medical professional, I’ve seen many nootropic products. However, Nuoptimal’s metaBRAIN stands out.

    The clinically-backed supplement holistically covers all components of cognitive enhancement. Each supplement in the metaBRAIN box is formulated to be safe, affordable, and most importantly, effective.

    Dr. Helen Okoye M.D.