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    metaBRAIN Cognitive Study - Cambridge Brain Sciences Platform

    metaBRAIN Cognitive Study - Cambridge Brain Sciences Platform

    Want to experience a comprehensive upgrade to all areas of your cognition, for free? metaBRAIN is a 3-supplement box designed to target 3 main cognitive pillars: memory, drive and focus. Each one is just as vital as the other to our overall mental performance.

    Nuoptimal is currently running an Observational Study to quantify the efficacy behind metaBRAIN®. Read below for more details and to see if you’re qualified to participate. You can sign up for the study here. All approved participants will receive a free month's supply of metaBRAIN and a membership to Cambridge Brain Sciences.

    The metaBRAIN Cognitive Study

    There are only a total of 50 available slots for this Observational Study. If chosen, you’ll need to sign a waiver to ensure you’re properly following the study’s protocol to ensure accurate results.

    Each participant will receive a free box of metaBRAIN® to use over the course of 4 weeks. There will be 3 assessment periods, plus, 2 additional optional periods if you'd like to further track your progress. You’ll be playing 8 brain games, each testing different areas of your cognition. We ask that you take each of the assessments around the same time per period.

    In total, Cambridge Brain Science’s assessments will consist of 8 interactive games that measure your cognitive performance in various brain regions.

    The Brain Assessment Games

    Token Search

    Working Memory–the ability to temporarily hold information in memory, and manipulate or update it based on changing circumstances or demands.

    • Frontal lobe
    • Temporal lobe
    • Amygdala-hippocampal region
    • Mid-ventrolateral frontal cortex
    • Mid-dorsolateral cortex
    • Premotor cortex


    Mental Rotation–the ability to efficiently manipulate mental representations of objects in order to make valid conclusions about what objects are and where they belong, which is a function of visual representation in the brain.

    • Intraparietal sulcus
    • Medial superior precentral cortex


    Visuospatial Processing–the ability to effectively process and interpret visual information, such as complex visual stimuli and relationships between objects.

    • Right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex
    • Right hemisphere

    Odd One Out

    Deductive Reasoning–the ability to apply rules to information in order to arrive at a logical conclusion.

    • Anterior frontal cortex
    • Anterior insula / frontal operculum 
    • Inferior frontal sulcus
    • Anterior cingulate
    • Presupplementary motor area
    • Intraparietal sulcus

    Spatial Planning

    Planning–the ability to act with forethought and sequence behaviour in an orderly fashion to reach specific goals, which is a fundamental property of intelligent behavior.

    • Frontal lobe
    • Mid-dorsolateral frontal cortex
    • Caudate nucleus
    • Thalamus
    • Lateral premotor
    • Anterior cingulate

    Grammatical Reasoning

    Verbal Reasoning–the ability to quickly understand and make valid conclusions about concepts expressed in words.

    • Frontal operculum
    • Posterior temporal lobe
    • Superior parietal lobe
    • Dorsal prefrontal cortex
    • Ventral prefrontal cortex

    Feature Match

    Attention–the ability to draw upon mental concentration and focus in order to monitor for a specific stimulus or difference.

    • Mid-ventrolateral frontal cortex 
    • Right inferior frontal gyrus

    Double Trouble

    Response Inhibition–the ability to concentrate on relevant information in order to make a correct response despite interference or distracting information.

    • Right prefrontal cortex
    • Dorsolateral region

    You’ll receive your results once each assessment period is completed. As you continue taking metaBRAIN® during this study, you’ll be able to track your cognitive improvements over the course of 4 weeks.

    By the end of the Observational Study you’ll have a better understanding of your strong suits and what cognitive areas have improved over time taking each of the metaBRAIN supplements. You’ll be taking two capsules from each of the metaBRAIN supplements 6 days out of each week for 4 weeks. We will be sending an email reminder with further instructions during each assessment period.

    Assessments Breakdown

    Here’s the breakdown of the 3 assessment periods:

    1. Before beginning supplementation. metaBRAIN box will be shipped within 5-7 days.
    2. First dosage after receiving metaBRAIN box: take assessment 1 hour after taking the first dose of all metaBRAIN supplements.
    3. After 7 Days: take assessment 1 hour after taking dosage of all metaBRAIN supplements.

    Optional: Two more tests each week thereafter

    We recommend supplementing an hour after waking up with a small meal, then taking the test an hour after supplementation.

    After the conclusion of the 4-week cognitive assessment, users will then fill out a survey which will ask them for their results.

    In order to measure the efficacy of metaBRAIN® you’ll need to follow our guidelines and see if you meet the requirements. Sign up here to see if you qualify.