Most of us need coffee or tea, both of which contain caffeine in the morning to activate our energy and alertness early in the morning. Caffeine is the most consumed drug in the world, only next rivaled by nicotine and ethanol. When combined, caffeine and l-theanine produce a synergetic combination that provide the focused energy that caffeine in itself cannot.

Some people get the jittery or nervous feeling after drinking too much coffee. L-theanine counters this effect in caffeine with its naturally calming and relaxing qualities. You can control the amount of caffeine more precisely when ingesting it together with l-theanine in supplement form.

Here’s some background information before you look into the caffeine and l-theanine combination:

How Do They Affect Your Mind and Body

Both supplements come from plants and are ingested for their cognitive enhancing qualities.

Caffeine, acting through several systems of neurotransmitters, is a mild psychostimulant to the central nervous system while l-theanine promotes relaxation and concentration. Caffeine blocks the receptor that creates the feeling of fatigues.

In the west, caffeine is ingested standalone in excess primarily in coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, migraine medication, etc. Caffeine can cause edginess or anxiety when over consumed, but when taken with l-theanine those effects are balanced.

The FDA says safe levels are under 400mg per day. With this guidance and without knowledge of the calming effects of an l-theanine combination, many folks are susceptible to being over-stimulated.  

L-theanine is naturally present in tea, most notably in green tea and black tea. It is extracted from leaves and mushrooms.

It’s been long known to promote concentration and relaxation. It also affects the cardiovascular system by reducing blood pressure. L-theanine enhances the GABA activity of the brain which is a neurotransmitter that calms you down.

It can also change the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your brain. So it helps blood pressure, increases mood and relieves anxiety, and promotes alpha waves in your brain. It soothes your mind and calms you down without being too sedating.

A Synergistic Combination

All of the negative effects of over-consuming caffeine like restlessness and anxiety are essentially neutralized or tossed out when used with l-theanine.

You achieve a zen-like energy boost and eliminate a great deal of “jitteriness” that comes with consuming too much caffeine. This combination synergizes the neurotransmitter production of both substances which compounds the effects of these nootropics.

Caffeine and l-theanine are available to buy separately or pre-combined/stacked. Each supplement sold separately are relatively inexpensive and are sold online and in stores.

Typically, you take double the amount of l-theanine than you do caffeine. For example, a regimen of 200mg l-theanine and 100mg of caffeine is perfect for most.

Of course, experiment with what works best for you. Don’t overlook this powerful combination and take advantage of the tools you need to optimize your productivity.


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