Billy R

CEO of Infinity Residential

“I run my own business and need all the help I can get when it comes to maintaining productivity. After trying different products, Optimal Force has proven to be exactly what I need to focus on pushing my abilities throughout the day and staying motivated. I don’t think I’ll be going back to coffee for quite a while!”

Aaron P

Business Development

Aaron explains his experience with Optimal Force and how it optimizes his day, allowing him to focus on his daily endeavours.

Jon Haley

Certified Personal Trainer // Kickboxing Instructor

Jon Haley talks about his experience with Optimal Force and how it optimizes his performance as a personal trainer and kickboxing instructor.

Brad Oien

Brad Oien explains the crucial role that Optimal Force plays in his daily life as a construction manager and mountain biker.

Neville Tarapore

UCI Public Health Student

Neville, 4th year UCI student explains his experience with Optimal Force and how it helps him focus through his classes

Zachary H

Founder, Ancient8Labs

“After a lifetime of competing as a martial artist and most recently captaining Columbia University’s D1 Wrestling team, I found that consistently maintaining a clear and focused state of mind is tough to achieve. Whether I am training combat athletes or helping to build an Accounting and Finance team, Optimal Force allows me to perform at superhuman levels and crush all of my goals.”


Max L


“As an attorney, during trial I need to stay focused and above all, remember all of the information needed to form a sound argument. I also work long hours and Optimal Force helps me stay motivated and on point. There is also a notably smooth energy boost when I take it, but it’s not like coffee, which gets me more erratic.”


Sherille S

PHD, Management

“Optimal Force helps me get into the zone much quicker when I am studying. I was a little bit skeptical in the beginning of the efficacy of nootropic supplements but it definitely works well for focus and increased drive. Since I am currently working towards my Doctor of Management, it allows me to balance long work-days at SaviCorp with school.”


Jonathan L

Founder, Fermentation Creation

“I’ve always been skeptical about the effectiveness of these types of products. That said, I’m glad to say that Optimal Force actually works! I run my own small business and need to wear a lot of hats. This product allows me to focus when I need it most and gives me a boost when I’m running low on energy.”


Sasha Dobrolioubov

Business Development Manager, Fundbox // MBA from Wharton UPenn

“It’s all about efficiency and working smart on a daily basis. My position is demanding and I’m always having to think out-of-the-box and creatively. I basically want focus without dependency and Optimal Force provides that. It seems like while others burn out, I can get through my week with sustained energy and vigor.”


Joshua S

Constituent Services at New York City Council

“I’ve been able to reduce my coffee intake drastically by taking Optimal Force in the morning and afternoon. On a daily basis I’m running around carrying out so many tasks and wearing lots of hats. It’s essential that I’m performing on a highly productive level consistently throughout the day. Optimal Force gives me that advantage.”


Alex Ward

Account Executive, Fundbox

“I feel like I’m able to crush my workday with Optimal Force. I’m juggling making calls, updating my CRM, pulling reports, and everything in between. My call volume needs to be high as an AE so it helps with being on point all day. Optimal Force helps me put my head down and make it happen which brings more closed deals. This results in more revenue for the company and me.”


Garrett M

Account Executive, Procore, Inc.

“As an account executive in a fast pace and constantly changing environment, I need to be on my A-game. I feel like my thought processes are sharper well when I’m on it. I need quick decision-making when confronted with objections on the phone. Optimal Force helps me do that. It’s hard to gauge if this is the sole cause, but I’m happy with it so far.”


Lance L

President of Appvantage, Inc.

“Optimal Force really gets me in the zone and allows me to hone in on the task at hand. I felt more energetic yet focused and alert. I’d recommend this product to anyone looking to maximize their productivity and get stuff done.”


Angelo A

Professional Poker Player

“Optimal Force gives me the focus and energy I need to not only stay up during long tournaments but make clearer decisions at crucial times. I’d recommend this product for poker players or anyone else looking to enhance their strategic output.”


Cassidy D

UCLA Business Economics Major

“My studies at UCLA are extremely demanding and I need whatever help I can get to earn the grades I want. Optimal Force gets me into the zone and helps with my focus, especially during test week. I feel like it helps me retain more information as well. I’d definitely give it a shot if you’re looking to perform better in class. “


Ian S

Vice President

“I like to get in and get out of the gym but I find myself distracted by other people, changing my music, looking at the clock, etc. I took Optimal Force before the gym and it allowed me to concentrate and get my workout done more quickly and effectively. It gave me the focus and energy needed to train harder and smarter.”


Mahshad N

CSUF Biochem Major

My class schedule is tight and I need all the help I can get to stay focused. I retain more information in my classes when my professor speaks. I study more and with less stress. I’m not late to class anymore either since I don’t have to stop for coffee.”


Kennie D

Aspiring Optometrist, UCI

“Taking Optimal Force before working on my essay, I could feel an alertness within 30 minutes. Everything became much clearer and words flowed from my fingers far more easily than normal.”


Danielle D

CSULB Environmental Science Major

“I take Optimal Force before I go to my cycling class. It helps me get in the zone and push it while others seem to be struggling more toward the end. The class goes by faster and I feel like I got more done. “


Shuwei Y

Founder of Shokse

“Being addicted to coffee, I wanted to try something different, something that would give me the same boost without any of the restlessness or jitters that comes with drinking my typical triple espresso shot. Optimal Force was surprising in that it not only gave me a smoother energy than caffeine, but it also gave me a clarity of thought that made doing work a breeze. Programming came easier to me and looking back at the past 4 hours, I definitely got much more work done than if I were to simply take coffee.”


Chris R

Applicant Designer

“I start my day off with Optimal Force in place of coffee because I don’t get the brain drain I get from coffee after the effects have worn away. I don’t like staining my teeth yellow either. It seems that Optimal Force gives me a different type of energy than coffee. Instead of that jittery feeling I get from coffee, I have more of a calm and collected energy with Optimal Force.”


Ken K

Cal Poly Pomona Accounting Major

“Ever since taking Optimal Force, I have found myself making my way to the front of the class, asking questions and engaging with the professor. I seem to be staying more involved in my group projects and am excelling in where I might have struggled before.”


Evan L


“I go to the gym after work when my energy level is at its lowest. Optimal Force gives me the energy and rush I need to get through my session. I noticed it also makes me push myself harder and I can get a few extra reps in during my workout. All around it does what it’s supposed to, gives me the energy and focus to do what I’m supposed to do—lift heavy and make major gains.”


Anthony K

Behavioral Therapist

“I need focus and patience when I work with the kids in my field. Optimal Force makes me concentrate on the task at hand and gives me the energy I need to work throughout the day. I also don’t have bad breath from coffee anymore since I replaced it with Optimal Force.”


Evan S

Warranty Manager, North America

“I’m on the phone a lot at work. I can answer to customer questions easier and more effectively. I can think more clearly and I feel like my words come out more naturally than normal. It seems like my day goes by faster too and I still have energy left after work to go mountain biking.”


Daniel G

UCLA Student

“Optimal Force gives me the extra energy and focus I need when I’m tired and not in the mood to study. I think it’s a better alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that help people to focus and concentrate on studying.”


Alvin A

Project Manager

“Optimal Force gives me the energy and motivation I need to get through the work-day. It seems like I used to burn-out around mid-afternoon, but not since taking Optimal Force in the morning. My memory seems to have improved since I’m constantly learning new concepts and information.”


Michael B

Senior Project Manager at AdvancedEMedia

“I used to drink 8 cups of coffee a day. I take 4 Optimal Force capsules spaced out throughout the day and I’ve been able to cut my caffeine consumption by half while maintaining the focus and energy I need to perform in a high-productivity environment.”