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Aside from supplements, here are some of the general practices that can assist you in achieving the longest and most fulfilling life.

Get the Sleep You Need

There are many studies citing the many benefits that the right amount of sleep for you. Lack of sleep can lead to depression, anxiety, weight gain, all of which cause harm to a variety of areas of our bodies. Over the long-term these negative effects from lack of sleep can cause chronic illness and disease. Create the environment you need to get your proper sleep it’ll pay off in the long term.

Stay Fit and Lean

Overall light intensity working out every day leads to less disability and an older, healthier life. The adverse it a lot worse that you think. They say “sitting is the new smoking.” in a new study conducted in Australia. People that sit for a long time are more at risk for death. They’ve even shown that sitting for an hour for example, takes 22 minutes away from your overall life expectancy.

Others think that gaining muscles or bulking up will increase your life-span. On the contrary the type of practices that heavy weight-trainers adopt to build larger muscles liking overeating, taking certain supplements like pre-workout formulas or steroids go against the primitive practices of expanding life expectancy. A variety of lab animals have been found to live longer citing a new article from scientific american. Gaining mass especially quickly puts added stress on your organs like your heart and your joints like knees for example. This doesn’t mean don’t lift weights, it means listen to your body and know what you’re doing.

What You Eat Really Matters

Many of those that live the longest live in the mediterranean. This said, the type of diet eaten by those in that area can greatly prolong your life. Healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, vegetables, fish, fruits, etc. all have certain vitamins and minerals that help our bodies in a variety of ways. Protection from heart disease and less memory loss occur in may who follow similar diets. There are many vitamins, nutrients, minerals and various supplements that can be taken to offset the lack of vital nutrition in food these days. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), pesticides, and other factor decrease or eliminate much of beneficial nutrition in foods.

Genetics Play a Notable Factor in Your Life Expectancy

This doesn’t simply mean that because your parents lived a long life that you will but there are definitely biological factors at play. Studies show that certain people are prone to fewer diseases or have varying levels of serotonin and dopamine which help manage body level functions better.


is a strong variable in the life expectancy of humans. Those that were studied in a report by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention which held a bachelor’s degree or higher lived an average of nine years longer. Many believe that education is a big factor for life expectancy like income and race. Bottom line, stay in school for a longer life expectancy.


Having a tight and solid social group leads to a longer life. Being a social person pays off in the long-term. You will have the support you need during tough times that will inevitably occur in your life. Women have stronger social networks and tend to live longer than men. Other studies have shown that the immune system functions better when we are with friends. Friends will also help in stress reduction which is critical.

A Little Work-Stress

Isn’t as bad for you as you might think. Being a hard worker doesn’t really isn’t a negative thing. There’s many hard workers that have lived long. Many people have a false impression that hard workers aren’t really enjoying life. People that are productive are actually not bitter but are healthier and happier than their unproductive peers.


There was a long term study from Stanford conducted over a decade long, that found a well-organized personality, where a person might be more prudent, almost obsessive leads to a longer life because our choices ultimately affects our life. Those that are more careful with what they eat, fast they drive, who they marry, etc will ultimately dictate how our lives turn out. Essentially, more consciousness people end up living longer lives. The care-free no-stress lifestyle doesn’t turn out as well as most people think.

You also don’t need to be the most optimistic, up-beat person to live long. For example, there can be situations when it’s important to stress a bit and be “realistic” about a situation even when it’s potential life-threatening. Thinking positive all the time won’t necessarily lead to a longer life.

Stay Mindful

There are many studies that show that those that meditate tend to live longer. There was a study that showed that those that meditated often had more of an enzyme called telomerase which is related to aging. The mind does have an influence on the body, hence the popular saying, “healthy body, healthy mind.”

These are some general guidelines to have to best chance to increase your life expectancy Change your daily habits and supplement your body where needed.

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