Mau Pan
Founder & Product Head

Being a lifelong programmer, Mau has always had a deep fascination with ways to “hack” the body. Integrating his knowledge of computer science and passion into biohacking and nootropics supplementation, he has spent years of researching and experimenting on himself to improve physical and mental performance. Now he strives to teach others how to do the same through Nuoptimal. 


Philip Shehade
Director of Business Development

Philip has a deep curiosity to experience the full capability of our unique human physiology, having grown up a competitive athlete across multiple sports. Although ultimately ending up leading sales and marketing efforts at the executive level for e-commerce software companies, Philip originally studied Anthro-pology at UC San Diego, nurturing his interest in optimizing the human body. 


Reo Asami
Operations Manager

Growing up as a top national ranked tennis player, Reo’s early ambition was to become a pro. After playing in a Division I college tennis team at UCI for two years, he was plagued with injuries that forced him to retire. With the competitive drive he gained through his tennis years, he bounced right back with a newfound interest in self-development which directly led into a passion for biohacking.